119Network for Foreigners


We, 119 Emergency Network for Foreigners, close our activities continued since January 1990 as an integral part of Saitama YMCA, on March 31, 2021.

 Our aim was to help foreigners living in Japan ,who faced uneasy or insecure trouble.  We worked closely with them to solve their day-to-day problems and surely, as a result, could develop international friendship.


We express our heartfelt appreciation to the collaboration of Saitama Tourism & International Relations Bureau ,  Saitama City International NGO Network and other groups including various NGOs and NPOs .

Our office

Location : 9-19-6,Tokiwa,Urawaku,Saitama-city,Saitama-pref,

                   Japan 330-0061

Phone :     090-3009-3619          Fax : 048-834-0237

Email  :      gaikokujin119@yahoo.co.jp